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Watch Navasana - Boat Pose

Watch Navasana - Boat Pose

Up Next in Beginning The Journey Of Ashtanga - Tutorials and Practices For Beginners

  • Seated Practice

    Our 18 minute seated practice is fun to do alone or after the standing pose sequence. This practice will help you to increase abdominal strength and will stretch your back, hamstrings and hips.

  • Backbend Lecture

    Backbends open the front of the body and help us to break open the knot in the heart.

  • Urdhva Dhanurasana - Backbend Tutorial

    Urdhva means "upward" and Dhanurasana means "bow" This is how to practice the full backbend or upward facing bow pose (sometimes called wheel). This posture can be very challenging and it's important to pay attention to your body as you move into it. Backbends are very invigorating and can be up...