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Watch Halasana - Plow

Watch Halasana - Plow

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  • Karnapidasana

    Karnapidasana (knee to ear pose or ear pressure pose) is great for strengthening the spine. It also stretches the shoulders and back. This posture may also strengthen the lungs and can be helpful to stimulate the abdominal organs and thyroid gland. It may also help hypertension and backache.

  • Matsyasana - Fish Pose

    Matsyasana or Fish pose is one of my (Lesley's) personal favorites. This posture relieves tension in the neck, throat and shoulders. It also stretches and tones the abdominal muscles. I think of this as the "anti-text-neck" pose!

  • Uttanapadasana

    Uttanpadasana or the raised leg pose has all of the benefits of matsyasana (fish pose), and it also strengthens the abdominals and hip flexors. This is an excellent posture for "six-pack abs!"