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Watch Utkatasana

Watch Utkatasana

Up Next in Beginning The Journey Of Ashtanga - Tutorials and Practices For Beginners

  • Virabhadrasana - Warrior 1

    Virabhadrasana 1 or Warrior 1 is also great for strengthening and stretching the legs, shoulders, arms and back. It improves circulation, focus, balance and stability.

  • Virabhadrasana - Warrior 2

    Virabhadrasana 2 or Warrior 2 is a wonderful standing posture that creates strength in the arms and legs. This pose also stretches the shoulders, hips and groins. It builds stamina and concentration. Warrior 2 also helps develop balance and stability and improves circulation and respiration.

  • Standing Sequence Practice

    This practice incorporates all of the standing poses in the Ashtanga sequence. It's great for feeling grounded. You can do this alone or incorporate it with other sequences to increase the length of your practice.